EXCLUSIVE Adult Cyber Bullying leads to INSANE & OBSCENE RANT


6/13 A member of our Confuse News team was witness to a man using the online name “Count” LOSING HIS MIND while being cyber bullied in an online video chat room.

Count is a caregiver for his disabled brother. He repeatedly asked that his brother not be brought up in conversation. Adult internet trolls then proceeded to cackle as pics and animated gifs of his brother started flooding the chat further flaming the fire.

Count is clearly in distress, begging them to stop and slamming his laptop. Screaming “don’t f**k with my family” as spit flies from his mouth. A troll then suggests he pull out his penis and hit it against the screen, Count proceeds to pull down his pants and grab his crotch while in a fit of rage. For reasons unknown Count then begins yelling obscenities at Elisa Jordana and Benjy Bronk (writers for the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM)

It ended when a concerned troll removed him from the chat room. We called Count later that evening to see if he was alright and he told us that he had broken his laptop and would be taking a break from video chatting.

There are several helpful websites that offer information and assistance for parents of bullied children, as well as for adults seeking legal redress for cyber bullying.

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