Joe Exotic for Legalizing Marijuana

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating property stolen from a well-known Oklahoman and presidential hopeful.

Oklahoma Presidential Candidate Joseph Maldonado, more commonly known as Joe Exotic, tells News12 roughly $25,000 worth of production equipment was stolen from his storage building in Garvin County between January 4 and January 18.

“The Garvin County Sheriff’s Department actually has some pretty cool things going on nowadays with social media where they put all the stolen items on social media and they have a network with pawn shops all around the United States so we’re hoping that sooner or later someone knows something,” Maldonado said.

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said there was no forced entry to the building, indicating whoever stole the property had access to it.

The list of stolen items includes two 4-foot-tall Peavey Sound Speakers, two stage fog machines, one sound box with amplifier, one CD player with a 14 channel mixing board, one 32 inch Flat Screen TV, one green screen with a white Mac laptop computer and one Cannon wireless camera.

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